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Christina Habibi is from Tehran, Iran, and currently creates art from her studio in Athens, GA.

Christina draws inspiration from the people in her life and from the places she’s lived and traveled. She studied Graphic Design and has been creating art for over 20 years. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the US, in the film Dear White People, and featured in the Twin Cities PBS Series, Minnesota Original.

Christina creates art to compel curiosity and spark imagination. Motivated by her fascination with the obscure and the ambiguous, she describes her process as a collaboration between herself and the paint. She observes that as the paint dries, the painting continues to evolve and change in unexpected ways. This “collaboration” reminds her to relinquish some control and teaches her to accept the natural processes. Christina encourages the viewer to avoid conclusion and meaning in her paintings so that the piece can be changing and novel at each encounter. Her style is influenced by artists Joan Mitchell, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Lee Krasner and Kara Walker whose work epitomizes passion and pure artistry.